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About HUC

As a global network of academic institutions, the Himalayan University Consortium (HUC) contributes to enhanced collaboration among universities and other knowledge generating and exchange institutions within and outside the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) region.

We work to build dynamic mountain knowledge partnerships between universities and HKH partner organizations to promote research and learning in and about the region. We facilitate coordination and collaboration amongst educational institutions to develop joint research and knowledge management programmes on contemporary topics. In doing so, we strengthen capacity and help regional institutions address some of the shortfalls they may have in terms of capacity and funding.

Our partners are involved in developing mountain-focused, HKH-specific curriculums and implementing them in member institutions. As curriculums that address emerging issues are adopted, students who will soon take on roles in the government and private sectors, policy making bodies, academic institutions, and civil society are trained to meet new and future mountain challenges.

Goal: Academic institutions in the HKH develop and sustain strengthened capacity to generate high-quality knowledge and skills for sustainable mountain futures in the region

Outcome: Enhanced collaboration and networking among Himalayan universities leading to increased capacity of professional women and men for sustainable mountain futures through mountain-specific education