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21 Dec 2021  | WORKSHOP ON

Communicating science for policy making

published date
21 December 2021 to 22 December 2021
Chi H Truong (Shachi)


About the workshop

The Himalayan University Consortium (HUC) is organizing a one-day workshop that will focus on repackaging scientific work into succinct, accessible, and understandable two-page policy briefs. The workshop will help participants – senior researchers and scholars in the natural and social sciences – understand policy formulation processes and effective means of reaching policy makers. Invited speakers – environmental journalists and policy makers – will share their experiences interacting with scientists and incorporating scientific findings in their work. Participants will learn how to synthesize research findings and recommendations to achieve desired outcomes at the policy level.


Policy making is a complex, interactive, and iterative process influenced by diverse factors and interests. The impact of evidence generated by scientists – crucial to policy making – can remain limited if the evidence is not packaged well or effectively communicated to policy makers. Good science feeds impactful policies, but given the vastly different mechanisms, languages, and mandates in the science and policy-making spheres, it is important to bridge the divide with targeted, effective communication. Scientific literature needs to be synthesized into accessible, focused communication materials and delivered using new platforms and media so that policy makers can easily use to navigate through pressing issues.


Day 1 – Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Time (NPT) Programme
14:00 Check-in at Himalaya Drishya Resort, Dhulikhel – Achala Sharma, ICIMOD
17:00 Registration

Orientation – Achala Sharma, ICIMOD

Reception dinner

Introduction of participants and speakers – Chi H Truong (Shachi), ICIMOD

Keynote presentation on challenges and prospects of communicating scientific knowledge to policy makers – Alok K Bohara, University of New Mexico


Day 2 – Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Time (NPT) Programme
09:00-09:30 Transfer from hotel to Kathmandu University Dhulikhel campus

Opening remarks – Chi H Truong (Shachi), ICIMOD

Objectives of the workshop – Chandra Lal Pandey, Kathmandu University
09:40–10:00 Science, policy, and practice: Experiences in urban planning – Kriti Kusum Joshi, City Planning Commission, Kathmandu Metropolitan City
10:00–10:20 Media, scientific knowledge, and policy making: Reflections from Himalaya region – Ramesh Bhushal, The Third Pole
10:20–10:50 Group discussion 
10:50–11:00 Group photo and coffee break

Practical session 1

How to repackage scientific writing into a two-page policy brief – Chandra Lal Pandey, Kathmandu University, and Rachana Chettri, ICIMOD 
12:30–13:30 Lunch break

Practical session 2

Presenting your research findings and bringing scientific knowledge into politics and policy making – Chandra Lal Pandey, Kathmandu University, and Ramesh Bhushal, The Third Pole


Practical session 3

Writing desk and pairwise review – Chandra Lal Pandey, Kathmandu University, and Rachana Chettri, ICIMOD

Stakeholder Mapping – Simon Russell, Policy Associate, PolicyBristol, The University of Brisotl

Participants’ evaluation of the workshop

Closing remarks: Reflections on bridging science–policy–practice – Mani Nepal, ICIMOD