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18 Apr 2024

Himalayan University Consortium Steering Committee Meeting

published date
18 April 2024 to 19 April 2024
Chi Huyen Truong (Shachi)


About the meeting

The Steering Committee is the HUC’s highest governing body. The committee’s meetings set the course of action for the Consortium for the calendar year and track the progress of the implementation of the HUC Strategy 2018–2025.

The committee will discuss the Evaluation Report of the HUC by an independent reviewing team, commissioned by ICIMOD and the draft of the Position Paper on the HUC Governance prepared by the HUC Task Force on Sustainability and Resource Mobilization. Apart from members’ business agenda items and welcoming a new member representing China, the Committee will discuss HUC-specific queries raised by the ICIMOD Programme Advisory Committee at the network-focused session during its meeting in Kathmandu on 19 January 2024.


  • HUC Steering Committee members to provide updates on the state of higher education for sustainability and the HUC Country Chapter formation process in their home country
  • The HUC Secretariat will provide updates on the Consortium’s collaborative capacity building, research, publication, as well as budget and staffing of the Secretariat and member-led resource mobilization in 2023
  • The Steering Committee will discuss the independent evaluation report
  • The Steering Committee  will discuss the draft of the Position Paper on HUC Governance 


The role of higher education institutions in climate decision-making in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

18 April 2024 | 11:00–12:30 (NPT) | Kailash Hall, ICIMOD and online 



ICIMOD Keynote Address

Aranico Panday

Aranico Kumar Panday

Honourable Member of National Planning Commission, Government of Nepal

Dr Arnico Panday’s portfolio at the Government of Nepal’s National Planning Commission include the Ministry of Forest and Environment, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, as well as disaster risk reduction, climate change, climate finance, SDG’s 13 and 15.

His expertise and experiences include atmospheric science research, air pollution and climate policy, sustainable development planning, institution building, cross-border collaborations, as well as teaching and mentoring. He has previously served in pivotal positions in local to international bodies, including here at ICIMOD!

From policy translation and science-policy dialogue to evidence-informed policy formulation for climate change mitigation and adaptation

19 April 2024 | 09:30–10:30 (NPT) | Online and Kailash Hall, ICIMOD



Facilitator: Babar Khan, Enabling Regional and Global Mechanisms for Sustainable Action ICIMOD

  • Policy pathway in ICIMOD’s Strategy 2030 and Medium-Term Action Plan V 2023-2026 – Izabella Koziell, Deputy Director General, ICIMOD
  • Rosalind Cornforth, the Walker Institute, University of Reading (pre-recorded video)
  • Christopher A Scott, Pennsylvania State University, ICIMOD Mountain Chair 2020-2022 (pre-recorded video)
  • Guy Howard, Cabot Institute of Environment, Bristol University (pre-recorded video)