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29 Sep 2023  | SESSION

How to strengthen the HUC Network for safeguarding Hill Heritage?

published date
29 September 2023
Chi Huyen Truong (Shachi)
About the meeting

The HUC Thematic Working Group on DRR and Resilience is supporting a youth–focused special session as part of the 13th International Conference of the International Society for the Integrated Disaster Risk Management on 29 September 2023.

Heritage plays a crucial role in encouraging societal cohesion and sustainable development. We are suffering from the progressive loss of heritage due to natural disasters such floods, landslides, fires, earthquakes, as well as human activity insufficient conservation measures, heritage places are at risk of disaster man–made activities, and other dangers. There are several ways that cultural and natural heritage can mitigate or lessen the effects of disasters. One way is historical conservation, through which local communities are encouraged to take ownership of and take part in the creation and upkeep of their history.

Disaster preparedness and response in India is a relatively new subject, especially for museums and other cultural heritage sites. The relief, recovery, and rehabilitation efforts following a disaster were the main objectives of disaster management. Museums in Delhi, Srinagar, Jaipur, and other towns have sustained serious and irreparable damage as a result of disasters. In order to deal with these disasters, it is essential to equip young professionals working in museum and historic site management with the skills necessary to establish their own disaster management strategies.



This session aims to:

  • Bring together different stakeholders, young researchers, academicians, policymakers, practitioners working in or interested to work in the field of DRR initiatives, especially in the context of hill heritage at risk
  • Develop a roadmap on how and in what ways we can strengthen the HUC Network that can enable the partnering institutions and associated partners and stakeholders to come together and work for safeguarding hill heritage



The HUC Thematic Working Groups are clusters of individual scholars who are affiliated with HUC as full or associate members, operating on a resource sharing basis. The Thematic Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience group has been active since 2018, under the leadership of Co–Leads in China, India, and Thailand.



Tuesday, 26 September 2023 

All timings are in India Standard Time (IST). 

Time  Programme

Briefing session:

Introduction to hill heritage at risk

Introduction to HUC 


Key issues and challenges

The role of HUC in safeguarding Hill heritage

Identifying key questions and thematic clusters for discussion

Tentative thematic clusters:

  • Hill museums safety and disaster management
  • Planning for safe pilgrimage routes in hilly areas
  • Integrating traditional knowledge systems in DRR
  • Safeguarding intangible heritage for DRR
  • Protection of cultural and religious buildings in hilly areas
  • Climate change risks on cultural heritage 

Guided deliberation across different participant groups

  • How to identify risks?
  • How to mitigate and manage disaster risks?
  • How to develop effective risk communication?
Presentation by each group (3 min)

Guided deliberation

  • What is the role of HUC?
  • How to strengthen HUC Network for safeguarding Hill Heritage?
  • Preparing a roadmap for strengthening HUC–Hill Heritage Network 
12:20–12:30  Concluding remarks